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  • Alfie Zappacosta - Show Me

    Admin Sep 23,2017

    Alfie Zappacosta Show Me BUY ALBUM NOW Alfie Zappacosta is undeniably one of Canada's premier songwriters and performers with a string of chart topping hits...

  • Christopher Cross

    Admin Sep 22,2017

    Christopher Cross Sailing Recorded in 1979, the eponymous debut album by Christopher Cross marked the absolute pinnacle of American AOR (adult oriented rock). With sugar...

  • Bernie Chiaravalle The World Around Me

    Admin Sep 21,2017

    Bernie Chiaravalle The World Around Me BUY ALBUM HERE Since 1988, Marin County singer-songwriter Bernie Chiaravalle has been touring the world playing guitar with five-time...

  • What are typical Mediterranean diet plan menus?

    Admin Sep 14,2017

    A sample breakfast is a serving of yogurt topped with a fruit. Lunch can be a sandwich with vegetables on whole grain bread. Mid-day snacks...

  • The Mediterranean diet

    Admin Sep 14,2017

    The Mediterranean diet trades butter and margarine for healthy oils such as olive oil and walnut oil. Healthy oils include a healthy dose of omega-3...

  • Michael McDonald - Wide Open

    Jean Philippe Rejou Sep 05,2017

    Michael McDonald's New Album His new album after a wait of 17 years [embed][/embed] The release of a new album by Michael Mcdonald is always...

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