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What are typical Mediterranean diet plan menus?

Admin Sep 14,2017

A sample breakfast is a serving of yogurt topped with a fruit. Lunch can be a sandwich with vegetables on whole grain bread. Mid-day snacks could include almonds, legumes or peanuts. Dinner options include a tuna salad with olive oil, salmon with sides of vegetables and brown rice or a lasagna.

Foods that are avoided on this diet include red meat, sugar and highly-processed foods. Meals for this diet tend to feature a large amount of plant food and less animal food. Water is the most frequently consumed beverage, although a couple cups of coffee and tea are also acceptable. One glass of red wine per day, which can benefit the heart, is also part of the diet, although that is up to the dieter.

Those who follow the Mediterranean diet also often follow other parts of the lifestyle for additional health benefits. Other aspects of the lifestyle include frequent physical activity for improved health and meals with family and friends to make life more enjoyable and stress-free.